Pewter, the collectible marketing tool

Your festival was months ago; how do make sure your customer returns? When someone selects a special memento of their day – your faire or festival becomes a part of their memories. When that memento is customized with your branding or logo it serves as a reminder to recreate fun experiences. As a bonus your name reaches their friends and family.  It is important to choose items that are collectible. Sheldon Pewter’s Custom Designs are sought after collectibles. We keep past year’s items in stock because – customers want them. If “Joe” has been every pub crawl for 5 years but loses one of the pins – he wants to replace the gaping hole in his cap! It’s a matter of honor! Every time little “Suzie” hangs a picture on the refrigerator with your custom magnet she’ll remember the fairy garden, the beautiful horses in the joust, or the highland dancers and ask when they can return.  Key-chains, bottle openers, kilt pins the possibilities are numerous. Call our design team today!