What is Pewter?

Pewter is an alloy metal. An alloy is made by combining metallic elements, this is typically done to create a product with greater strength or resistance to corrosion. In early Roman times pewter was made of 70% tin and 30% lead. The acids found in things like tomatoes and wine would cause the lead to leach from pewter tableware. This was especially true with the wine that was boiled to a concentrate in a pot made of lead. Gout was prevalent among the wealthy in Roman times – due to high exposure to lead.

Pewter regulations were passed as early as 1348 in London. The Royal Mintery of Pewterers’ was created in 1473 to monitor and control the quality of Pewter created in the land.  They would check pewterer’s stock through its weight. An item containing lead would register heavier than leadfree pewter.   

During Colonial times due to the scarcity of tin – many items contained lead. Lead was used in musket balls, paint, alloys and glazes. The first legislation banning lead in the colonies came in the early 1700s while Massachusetts was still a colony of England. The ban was issued after colonists became ill from the consumption of rum that had been shipped from Massachusetts. The kegs used to ship the rum contained lead parts.

In 1786 Benjamin Franklin questioned the toxic effects of lead the “mischievous metal” in a letter. He questioned why the known effects of lead had not been made public knowledge. It took another 40+ years before the medical community began to document treatment of exposure to lead (early 1830s). Tanquerel of France is credited with documenting the clinical aspects of lead poisoning in 1839.

The alloy that Sheldon Pewter uses – Britannia Pewter – contains tin, copper and white metal called antimony which acts as a preservative. All of our items are hand-cast and finished.

Crisis = Creative, Clever, Compassion

One thing we learn in crisis is that is important to be clever, creative, and compassionate. As a small business, we feel deeply the pains of our fellow small business friends and partners that rely on people gathering to make a living. We believe in you, your products, your events, your family and your ability to rise.

We introduce to you “Corona Rising”. The Phoenix in Egyptian mythology is associated with the sun. It’s scarlet and gold plumage flashed brightly, reminiscent to solar flares. The grand bird is said to live for several hundred years. As the phoenix came to the end of it’s days it built a glorious nest of spices and aromatic boughs and set it on fire; being consumed by the flames. From those ashes a new phoenix rose giving us the symbol that we are familiar with – a magnificent bird, wings spread rising above the flames. A symbol of regeneration, strength and renewal. We will not fade into the ashes and blow away with the wind; we will rise again.

The pendant is available on our e-commerce page in both a pin and a necklace and is made of hand-cast, lead-free pewter. It measures 1 3/4”. This design can be modified for your business.

Now for the compassion part. We are offering free shipping to everyone who purchases individual pieces from our webpage. AND a portion of every Phoenix sold will be donated to “Meals on Wheels”; as more people are diagnosed – their ability to get meals delivered to their homes becomes critical.

Pewter, the collectible marketing tool

Your festival was months ago; how do make sure your customer returns? When someone selects a special memento of their day – your faire or festival becomes a part of their memories. When that memento is customized with your branding or logo it serves as a reminder to recreate fun experiences. As a bonus your name reaches their friends and family.  It is important to choose items that are collectible. Sheldon Pewter’s Custom Designs are sought after collectibles. We keep past year’s items in stock because – customers want them. If “Joe” has been every pub crawl for 5 years but loses one of the pins – he wants to replace the gaping hole in his cap! It’s a matter of honor! Every time little “Suzie” hangs a picture on the refrigerator with your custom magnet she’ll remember the fairy garden, the beautiful horses in the joust, or the highland dancers and ask when they can return.  Key-chains, bottle openers, kilt pins the possibilities are numerous. Call our design team today!